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How to Measure Wash & Care GuideHow to Measure

How to measure

Find your best fit with our Topshop size guide.

We’ll talk you through the best way to measure yourself and give you top tips for finding your perfect size, no matter what country you’re shopping in.

From dresses and jeans to accessories and shoes, we’ve got it covered.

All sizes on this site are US sizes.

Top tip – always hold the measuring tape loosely to ensure you get the right result
Conversions How to measureSize calculatorSize calculatorJeansConversions
UK  4 6 8 10 12 14 16
  cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm in
Bust 77 30 80 31 82 32 87 34 92 36 97 38 102 40
Waist 60 24 62 25 65 26 69 27 74 29 79 31 84 33
Hips 82 32 84 33 87 34 92 36 97 38 102 40 107 42

US 0 2 4 6 8 10 12
UK 4 6 8 10 12 14 16

Size conversions


Here you can check your own measurements against our guide to find out what size should fit you best or let us do it for you with our size calculator. Remember to follow the ‘How to Measure’ guide to make sure you have the correct measurements.

Top tip - Topshop reviews are a great way to find out how a piece fits on other people - look out for them on product pages
Bras Bras


in cm in = cup
63-65 = 30 25-26 = 30  10 = A
68-70 = 32 27-28 = 32 13 5 = B
73-75 = 34 29-30 = 34 15 6 = C
78-80 = 36 31-32 = 36 18 7 = D
83-85 = 38 33-34 = 38 20 8 = DD
88-90 = 40 35-36 = 40 23 9 = E
    25 10 = F


Every stylish girl knows that your foundation garments can make or break an outfit. Getting the fit of your bra right is crucial if you want to show off your shape and help your clothes to sit perfectly on your body.

Follow our steps and get out that measuring tape. The method below is called the Formula Fit and is most effective on smaller cup sizes (A-C). As the breast gets fuller, measurements can become more variable.

Step 1: band measurement
Place the measuring tape just under your bust and around your ribcage, making sure it sits at the same height on the back as on the front. This will give you your band size.

Step 2: cup measurement
Again, making sure the tape is level on your front and back, hold it around the fullest part of your breast. Remember not to hold too tight.

Step 3: calculate your bra size
Subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement and then find the resulting number in the table below to find out what cup size you should be wearing.

Top Tip - we all know our bra size can vary so it's always best to measure and check
Accessories Accessories
S US 4-6
S/M US 4-8
M US 8-10
M/L US 8-12
L US 12

HIPS 147 - 152CM 155 - 163CM 165 - 178CM
S 17mm
M 18mm
L 19mm


If you’ve ever lost a ring from your finger or had to make an extra hole in another belt, you’ll know how important fit is where accessories are concerned.

Some of our pieces are ‘one size fits all’, but for those that aren’t, check below to find out which is best for yo


If you don't buy the right size tights, it can be a right pain. To make sure your tights are comfortable, take a look at the table below.


No matter where they’re designed to fit you, all our belts follow the same size guidelines below.


It may only be a millimetre here or there, but finding your perfect ring size can make all the difference.


Our hats fit a head circumference of 57cm / 22 inches.

Top tip - remember to checkout the description on the product page for extra size info
Maternity Maternity
  S S/M M M/L L
US 4 6 8 10 12
Bust (cm) 92.5 95 97.5 100.5 103.5
Waist at fullest point (cm) 88.5 91 93.5 96.5 99.5
Top hip (10cm down from waist) 94.5 97 99.5 102.5 105.5
Low hip (20cm down from waist) 93.5 96 98.5 101.5 104.5
0-3 M
17-23 43-68
3-6 M
23-27 68-75
6-12 M
27-29 76-82
12-18 M
29-31 83-89


Your new shape may be changing and blossoming, but you can still keep up to date with new season style – our Maternity range is cut to suit you and your bump down to a tee.

Plus, to make life easier, you should be the same dress size in our maternity range as you were pre-pregnancy. Check your body measurements against the guide below to make sure you have the perfect fit.

We base our designs on a seven-month bump, but because we know that everybody is different, we always make sure there’s room to grow.

Top tip - we know your bust will change dramatically while you're pregnant, so have a new bra fitting at least once a trimester
Shoes Wash & Care GuideShoes
EU 36 37 38 39 40 41
USA 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5



Avoid pinched toes and falling over - follow our top tips on finding your perfect shoe size and never put a foot wrong. For example, we always recommend trying your new shoes on carpet before wearing them outside to check you have selected the correct size.

Heel heights are measured from the highpoint where the heel joins the shoe, right to the floor.

Top tip - If you are usually between sizes, we suggest you order the larger size and add an insole if necessary
Tall & Petite Tall & Petite

Tall & Petite

Our Tall and Petite ranges are cut specifically for girls who are 5’7” and over or 5’3” and under. Use our guide to find out how we make sure they fit. The measurements in this guide will range, depending on the style of the product.


Longer tops

Longer sleeves
Long sleeve (+5cm)
1/2/3/4 sleeve (+3cm)
Short sleeve (+1cm)

Longer hems
Dress length above knee (+5cm)
Dress length below knee (+7cm)
Skirt length above knee (+2.5cm)
Skirt length below knee (+5cm)
Trouser inside leg (+3”)
Shorts inside leg (+4cm)


Shorter tops

Shorter sleeves

Long sleeve (-3.5cm)
1/2/3/4 sleeve (-2cm)
Short sleeve (-1cm)

Shorter hems

Dress length above knee (-5cm)
Dress length below knee (-7cm)
Skirt length above knee (-2.5cm)
Skirt length below knee (-5cm)
Trouser inside leg (-4”)
Shorts inside leg (-3cm)

Top tip - waistband, cuff depths and pocket dimensions are all graded proportionally to style
Wash & Care Guide Standard wash care symbolsWash & Care Guide
Jeans Jeans
Topshop Size
US Size
W24 0
W25 2
W26 4
W28 6
W30 8
W32 10
W34 12



Looking for the perfect pair of jeans?
Here's how to get the best fit.

Your jeans size is a combination of your waist and leg measurement i.e. 'W2832'.

The W stands for waist, followed by your waist measurement and then your inside leg-length measurement, which should be taken from the top of your inside leg down to your ankle.

Your natural waist is the narrowest bit – usually below your rib cage and above your belly button

Measure from the top of your
inside leg down to you ankle.