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Wash Guide & After Care



We test all our garments to make sure they stay looking as good as new after washing. To keep garments looking their best, always follow the instructions on the care label.

Separate your wash into whites, darks, and colors to reduce the risk of colors running.

Wash garments with contrast trims or panels separately, the fabrics have been designed to be washed together but may absorb dye from other garments – especially important for black and white clothing.

Wash denim and coated fabrics inside out to protect the surface and prolong color.

Fringe can get tangled in the washing machine – hand wash where possible.

Handwash only
40C Max
Be gentle, don’t rub

Wash as cotton
Standard wash

Wash as synthetic
Delicate wash

Wash as wool
Very delicate wash

Do not wash

Do not bleach

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The dry clean symbol is a circle with a letter inside, the letter indicates the chemical which can be used, and your dry cleaner will refer to this and know what to do. A cross means do not dry clean.

Dry Clean
solvent only

Dry Clean Any solvent except

Do not dry clean
Very delicate wash

Dry Clean
Any solvent


To get the most longevity out of your clothes, we recommend drying naturally.

Make sure you follow the instructions on the care labels.

Fringe can get tangled in the dryer – lay flat to dry where possible.

Dry knitwear flat as it can stretch when you hang it.


For the perfect press without damage, the dot inside the iron indicates the temperature to set your iron to, the more dots there are, the hotter the iron you can use. You can burn or even melt your clothes if you use the wrong setting, so make sure you check.

Cool iron

Warm iron

Hot iron

Do not iron

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Our sneakers and canvas products, unless we advise you, are not designed to go in a washing machine. If they get dirty let them dry naturally and remove excess dirt with a brush or cloth. Then use cleaner specifically for fabric.

If you get caught in the rain, allow your leather product to dry naturally. You run the risk of the leather warping if direct heat is used. Stuff with newspaper to help speed up the process and maintain shape.

Espadrilles are traditional beach shoes and are not designed for prolonged wear or wet weather.

Insoles on sandals may lift due to heat and perspiration. Though we use strong adhesive, this is sometimes unavoidable in normal wear.

The plastic or leather pieces at the base of the heel are designed to protect the heel and need to be replaced with wear. Replacement heel tips pieces are supplied with most of our shoes and are easily fitted by a local cobbler.

Repair is not always possible if your heel tips pieces wear down to the point that the heel becomes damaged.

Scuffing can damage and remove beading and gems on embellished products.

Suede and nubuck are delicate materials and don't take kindly to oils and creams. Use in a suede brush to keep the texture raised and looking fresh.