5 Ways To Make Your Instagram Feed Look More Exciting Right Now

Now that we’re in the midst of lockdown 2.0, our Instagram feeds are beginning to look a little lacklustre. If you’d like your page to look a little more interesting again or you’re just looking for a new creative outlet, there are some ways to give your feed a certain je ne sais quoi even when you are stuck at home. We scrolled through some of our favourite accounts to pick up some influencer-approved tricks, so you can get inspired to give your own account a whole new look and feel…

1. Focus on the details


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A post shared by @hotstufflildevil

We assume it’s probably pretty rare that you’re in a full outfit you want to show off these days – however, you might have been experimenting with nail art or just bought some cool new earrings that are worth being photographed. So, focus on the details to get a great snap without having to get fully ready.

2. Dive into the camera roll


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A post shared by Edie-Rose (@edielibertyrose)

Looking back at old photos from past adventures is a great way to remind yourself of the world that lies beyond your own four walls – and we also love getting a glimpse at what other people’s camera roll looks like.ย So, if you really can’t come up anything new to post, share a gallery of old snaps from holidays, outfits of the day and more to add a sense of wanderlust and fun to your page.

3. Get a fun phone case

A timeless and failsafe option for some at-home Instagram content is a mirror selfie. An easy way to make them feel that little more interesting is switching up your phone case. Fun nails, a new hairstyle and a cute top too work too – anything that adds a little something that feels brand new to the picture.

4. Try out fun backgrounds


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A post shared by (MIA REGAN) (@mimimoocher)

Your bedroom probably feels a bit boring to you now, especially since it feels like the only background you can use for your photos if you’re not heading outside. But we have a better idea: recently, we’ve been seeing a huge influx of funky backgrounds edits all over Instagram. Our ultimate muse for this has to be Mia Regan, who achieves the coolest collaged images making use of her editing skills that we’ll definitely be taking inspiration from…

5. Love the ordinary


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A post shared by Camille Charriere (@camillecharriere)

Although we aren’t going anywhere too exciting, sometimes really ordinary places can be the perfect backdrop for some cool content. Even places like your local grocery store, an empty car park or a back garden can look totally nonchalant. Take notes from Camille Charriere for this and make it an opportunity to wear a really cool outfit.


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