13 Of The Best Costumes We Saw This Halloween 2020

We were expecting a pretty low-key Halloween this year, but as it turns out, everyone seems to have stepped it up with their costumes to make up for the lack of parties and trick-or-treating. Instagram and Tiktok have been full of some of the best and most inventive Halloween costumes to date, so we just had to round-up thirteen of our favourite looks and share them with you. From 2003 Paris Hilton to Carole Baskin and Pamela Anderson, these are our ultimate favourites of 2020. Enjoy…

1. Sydney Carlson as Paris Hilton


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With the recent resurgence of Y2K fashion, Paris Hilton was the ultimate Halloween costume choice for 2020 – here executed perfectly by influencer Sydney Carlson. There are so many iconic Paris looks you could pick from, but this blue moment from the 2003 MTV Movie Awards has got to be one of the best and Sydney had the look down to a T.

2. Saweetie as Destiny’s Child


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Saweetie, the woman who’s songs have been in our head since the minute we downloaded TikTok, did not disappoint with her Halloween costume as all three members of Destiny’s Child in the Bootylicious music video. She even went the extra mile by recreating the music video, which you just have to watch on her Instagram account now.

3. Kendall Jenner as Pamela Anderson


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Soon-to-be birthday girl Kendall Jenner celebrated dressed as Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire – complete with the bombshell blonde hair, thigh high boots and personalised motorcycle. Now we’re kind of hoping Kendall goes blonde for real.

4. @sojazzaye as Hilary Banks

@sojazzayeDid I nail it? “Hilary Banks” ##HalloweenIsHere ##hilarybanks ##freshprinceofbelair ##cosplay ##lookalike ##richkidsbelike♬ original sound – Alisia Hart

’90s style has been everyone’s obsession this year, so we’ve completely fallen in love with this Hilary Banks costume @sojazzaye shared on TikTok this Halloween. We think you could even wear this look once Halloween is over if that’s your thing.

5. Chloe Morella as the Bratz doll mean


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If there was ever a meme to sum up 2020, it has to be the dishevelled Bratz doll that Chloe Morello so cleverly recreated. We know you’re going to be obsessed this one, so luckily Chloe did a whole YouTube tutorial on how to get the look. Although this has pretty much already been our aesthetic since March…

6. Lil Nas as Nicki Minaj


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Potentially one of our favourite looks this year is Lil Nas looking killer as Super Bass Nicki Minaj. The resemblance to the original look is pretty much uncanny and now we know exactly what we want to dress up as next year.

7. Devon Carlson as Hannah Montana


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Another Carlson sister just had to be mentioned, as this Hannah Montana look by Devon is completely iconic. Plus, her boyfriend Jesse and friend Nicole also dressed up as Oliver and Lily making it even better. We’re obsessed.

8. Sophie Suchan and Emma Leger as Lizzie and Isabella

@sophieesuchanSING TO ME PAOLO 🎤🤍 @emmaroselegerr♬ original sound – tatamsounds

With bonus points for the spot-on Hey Now performance, this recreation of Lizzie and Isabella from The Lizzie McGuire Movie is all sorts of goals. The costumes are so similar to the originals and now we want to watch the film another ten times over. Sing to me Paolo.

9. Kim Kardashian as Carole Baskin


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Someone had to do it, and who better to pay homage to Carole Baskin from Tiger King than Miss Kim Kardashian herself. Obviously, she also got the kids involved dressed as baby tigers and BFF Jonathan Cheban to star as Joe Exotic.

10. Bella Hadid as Poison Ivy


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Bella Hadid loves a classic costume, and this year she was everything we’d hoped for and more as Uma Therman’s Poison Ivy. The orange hair, green catsuit combination was ultra festive and her makeup look was identical to the film original. Nicely done Bella.

11. @anna_heid as The Cheetah Girls

@anna_heidWE ARE SISTAS.🖤♬ original sound – Tristen🧃

If you needed another reason to invest in a velour tracksuit, this Cheetah Girls tribute TikTok might just be it. Then you can learn all the dances and listen to the film soundtracks for the first time since 2003. You won’t regret it.

12. Heidi Klum as a whole horror movie


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Heidi Klum is known for going big each Halloween, and even though there was no big party this year, she still managed to be totally extra by making her own five minute long horror movie. Would you expect anything less from the Halloween queen?

13. Rickey Thompson and Denzel Dion as Ciara and Missy Elliott


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Rickey and Denzel did so many great costumes this year, so it was pretty hard to pick our favourite. There was Usher and Beyonce and The Hot Chilli Steppers from Jump In but we settled on their Ciara and Missy Elliott moment as our ultimate top pick.


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